Enjoy the Tranquility and healing Summer Lake Hot Springs naturally provides, or tap into the wide variety of other energetic and interesting things this area offers.



Each year we have a series of music festivals, including "The Coyote Festival," held around the summer solstice, and "The Outback Music Festival” held in the fall. Both feature local Oregon musicians from progressive, blue grass, folk and rock bands; local food vendors; natural clothing vendors; a variety of classes and environmental information such as the Bioneer Film Series. Many people comment that they meet and make lifelong friends at these events. These family affairs are kid friendly and it is a great sight to see children dancing with adults by the main stage.

Both events welcome diversity for locals, families, singles, children, young and older alike, which is our intention.  We want to provide an atmosphere that unites people regardless of beliefs and ideologies, through music, education, fun, dance and of course healing in the hot mineral waters. Add to this a natural ampitheater with the Summer Lakes panorama framed behind the stage, and you have an amazing and positive experience.

Summer Lake Music Festivals -
Where Great Music,
Amazing people, and
Healing Mineral Water
Come Together


Cloud watching

The landscape lends itself to lay back and watch the clouds float by. 

The art of Zen

Practice the art of doing nothing….just being!


  • Walk on the land down to Summer Lake basin, about a 30 minute hike one way.
  • Hike to winter rim or rock escarpments with magnificent views of Summer Lake from a birds eye view.

Road Trips

  • To Government Harvey Pass and hike to pristine mountain lakes, pine forests and amazing panoramas, looking down upon the Summer Lake basin and the hot springs.
  • From Paisley go south up the Chewaucan river for a summer swim or beautiful  hike any time of year.
  • Look for petroglyphs at Picture Rock Pass.
  • Explore the sand dunes, Crack-in-theGround and Fort Rock in the north end of Lake County.

Wildlife Areas in Summer Lake

  • 22 miles to the north lies Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge, a water way that attracts migrating birds of all types from humming birds to 4-foot tall cranes.
  • Other areas have occasional  antelope and  deer to see grazing in fields.

Paragliding and Hangliding

Every year on July 4th Summer Lake welcomes a Bird Tribe of paragliders, hangliders and trykes to camp and fly from nearby Hadly Butte.

Sunstone Collecting

  • This is the State Stone for Oregon and considered an alternative version of a diamond. 
  • Many people make jewelry from the more valuable finds. Great family event.


  • The Chewaucan River is located 6 miles south in Paisley, rated the 36th best river to fish in the Northwest. The Fisher King Fly Shop in town sponsors an annual 3 day elite catch and release fly fishing tournament called the "Chewaucan Challenge." Attendees from around the world come to this beautiful river to fish for Redband wild trout. For tournament information:
  • Nearby mountain lakes provide great trout fishing opportunities




  • The healing waters at Summer Lake Hot Springs are high in many minerals especially silica, which leaves your skin feeling silky when in the waters. Today many guests enjoy standing under the 4-inch spout and having the 106 degree water stream on the backs of their neck and shoulders, relaxing everything in about 5 minutes.
  • The big sky country and open vistas have a way of calming the mind.
  • Local massage therapists are available with prearranged reservations

Star Gazing

Yoga and Meditation

  • Have you ever done yoga on a geothermally heated floor? We think you’ll like it; be sure to bring a mat.
  • It’s quiet out here and a great place to meditate either in your cabin/house or a short walk into nature. Summer Lake is an effortless place to calm your mind and leave the rest behind.


Come enjoy the energy of Nature ! !

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