About Summer Lake Hot Springs

About the Owner

Duane Graham happened upon Summer Lake Hot Springs in 1988 while taking a road trip through Eastern Oregon on spring break from College in Eugene. He recognized what a sacred area this was.  The addition of a Natural Hot Springs, vast landscape and eternal starry nights called him back for peace and healing year after year. 

As a residential contractor buying and refurbishing vintage houses in Portland and Eugene, Duane had an eye for taking something that needed work and making something artistic out of it.  He saw early on the potential of this gem in the desert, often envisioning what he would create if given a chance. Summer Lake Hot Springs had been run as a small family owned RV park since 1958. On one of those summer road trips in 1996 Duane drove past "For Sale" signs along the property.  Realizing the unique opportunity to buy a commercial hot springs, he proceeded to purchase 145 acres of paradise and has been gradually transforming the land and buildings since 1997.


Duane Graham

The vision of creating a healing retreat centered around the hot springs with unique small cabins is well on its way, and Duane brings a philosophy of balance and creativity to Summer Lake's long term success.

Resort Features

  • 145 acre resort
  • Ancient historical site, petroglyphs nearby
  • Vast spectacular landscape
  • 106-118 degree natural artesian hot mineral springs
  • Large indoor pool as well as several outdoor rock pools
  • Ponds and nature trails
  • Guest houses and cabins
  • Campground and full hookup RV sites
  • Only 2 hrs SE of Bend, Oregon
  • Located along the National Scenic Byway known as the Oregon Outback Highway 31

Future Plans

Plans are in place to design and build in a manner that enhances the natural lay of the land.  Duane’s foresight, together with his commitment to green construction, will provide an end result unlike any other privately owned Hot Springs.  Summer Lake Hot Springs will be a model, a place where people can experience natural materials in consideration of their own environments.  


Our Commitment to Green

Summer Lake Hot Springs has been designed and is being built as a model to educate by example the attributes of green building and design practices.  If you are interested in experiencing what it is like to live in a structure that incorporates passive solar principles, natural products, fine linens, and interior design principles utilizing environmentally conscious materials, Summer Lake Hot Springs gives you an opportunity to truly live in balance with nature.

Our facilities and practices include:

  • Geothermal radiant floor heat
  • Low voltage lights
  • Double pane windows
  • Passive solar orientation
  • Green products used for cleaning
  • Front-load washing machines
  • Line dried laundry in summer
  • Xeri-scape (low water) landscaping
  • Rain water collection for watering plants
  • Building with green materials such as
    • AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete)
    • Natural materials
      • Marmoleum
      • Cork
      • Stone and tile
  • Using recycled wood where we can
  • No and low VOC paints and wood finishes


Over the years we have hosted several small workshops and festivals, yet the demand exists for larger events.  We have opportunities for instructors and musicians to lead classes in such fields as:

  • Yoga
  • Writing
  • Sustainable Building
  • Watsu
  • Healing
  • Astronomy
  • Archeology
  • Arts
  • Dance
  • Photography

This is a main reason we will be building a group area for workshops, festivals and gatherings.

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